BinaxNOW Abbott Rapid Covid Test

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Here is the proper use of the BinaxNOW Abbott rapid Covid test.
  1. Open the packages.
  2. Open the card.
  3. Drip 6 drops into the top hole.
  4. Swab each nostril. YOU DO NOT NEED TO OBTAIN BRAIN MATTER!! Gone are the days of puncturing a sinus. All you need is a booger. Make sure the end of the tip is wet and glistening.
  5. Insert into bottom hole so that it is flat and pokes through to the top hole.
  6. Twist 3 times.
  7. Rip off the tape, close card and seal.
  8. Watch the reagent solution spread.
Results should appear within a minute, wait a full 15 minutes to determine correct result.